A glossary for ecology of value

When I deal with ecology of value, I use some terms that may appear a little dark, such as software lock-in, vendor lock-in, pure open source business/delivery model, project (and product) centric business model, customer satisfaction, community participation and more.

Providing you with a real glossary would be a demanding effort, probably returning uncertain results: any new definition is tricky and may open unfocused debates, and some sentences may look as words for a dream book.… Read the rest

No price, no value?

Some days ago I posted “Buy less, spend better”, highlighting one of the main benefits of adopting SpagoBI suite or, in general terms, of choosing an open source product adopting the pure open source delivery model.

Now you can argue that a product with no price has no value either. If you believe it, a short SpagoBI presentation will give you some answers.

No price doesn’t mean no value.… Read the rest

Buy less, spend better

The SpagoWorld initiative vision focuses on the sustainable development of mission-critical applications for enterprises and organizations.

It’s all about project-oriented solutions, balancing the weights in the development phase.

In other words: it’s about asking customers to buy less and spend better.

Some days ago, I had a glance at a news referencing the world’s 50 most innovative companies in 2012. My attention was attracted by Patagonia, ranking 14th, according to the following reason: “for selling more by encouraging customers to buy less”.… Read the rest

Gartner quotes SpagoBI in the 2012 MQ for BI Platforms report

Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platform, February 2012, is out.

This year major OS BI-related vendors as Actuate (BIRT), Jaspersoft, Pentaho are in; SpagoBI, the only pure OS BI product is quoted.

As the SpagoWorld initiative founder, I’m very proud to see SpagoBI suite – SpagoWorld flagship project – included in the Gartner’s report, even if it does not appear in the Magic Quadrant.

Gartner is not a recognized Open Source observer (especially from the OSS actors’ point of view) and the report refers to the whole vendors’ BI market, which are mainly proprietary.… Read the rest

What a Story is in Open Source

Since the beginning, SpagoWorld initiative and SpagoBI project have given rise to many success stories. Moreover, SpagoBI regularly provides many stories to OW2 Consortium too, as you can see here.

Looking at SpagoWorld and SpagoBI websites, you can find a little but important update. Now they give visibility to Stories instead of Success Stories. Why this move?

Here the full play.

Act 1, Scene 1

In 2004, Vasco Rossi, an Italian rockstar, released a song “Un Senso” (in English: The Meaning) singing “ … I want to find the meaning of this story …” The song was inserted in the Italian film “Don’t move” (Italian: Non ti muovere)  by Sergio Castellitto

Act 1, Scene 2

In 2009, the Italian left party Partito Democratico adopted the following slogan “Un senso a questa storia” (in English:The meaning of this story) for its primary elections.… Read the rest