Everything has a price, nothing is free

Some thoughts on the concept of value, for innovators: an example of reverse-thinking

Time ago I listened to a talk by Vito Mancuso, a famous Italian theologian, about “Io e Dio” (God and I). Quite an unusual topic for me. Nevertheless, I’ve extracted a reflection from it that, after some time, I wish to take up again here.


Roughly speaking, the explanation for this concept resides in human nature that, in comparison with other natural and biological species, can be depicted as an entity built on various layers (a classification approach similar to the one adopted in Information Technology). … Read the rest

An open platform for digital economy

Some days ago I had the opportunity to give a lesson at ALMA Graduate School in Bologna (Italy), within the Master in Business Administration of the Information Systems course by prof. Danilo Montesi. It’s an annual appointment for me, in which I’m honoured to participate as a testimonial.

This is a real opportunity to launch new messages, encourage new ideas, and keep in touch with the next generation of managers and entrepreneurs.… Read the rest

SpagoBI Stories – Let’s start afresh

Some time ago I published a post on this blog focused on what a story is in open source.

As for SpagoBI, its stories are  mainly customers’ references.

Let’s start afresh

I’m looking for your stories now.

I’m going to write a composite SpagoBI story. I don’t know its final format yet: it depends on what you’ll provide. You can contribute in different ways: comment this post, leave your comment in SpagoBI group on Linkedin, tweet #tellyourSpagoBIstory, e-mail me.… Read the rest

How to build an industrial open source policy – Let’s learn from France

France is one of the main adopters – or probably the larger adopter – of open source software at the public level.

Last week, at Open World Forum 2012, the French National Council for Open Source Software (CNNL)  presented  a list of 10 indications sent to Fleur Pellerin, French Ministry for SMEs, Innovation and Digital Economy.

I find this is a perfect synthesis of many suggestions that I heard from various sources during last years aiming to foster the adoption of free/open source software (FLOSS – i.e.:… Read the rest