What shall I do with Open Data

Here below you can find the text of the speech that I gave during an expert panel on Open Data taking place on October 17th at “A. Capitini – Vittorio Emanuele II – A. di Cambio” upper secondary school located in Perugia (Italy), which education on technological, economic and touristic subjects.

[The Italian original text is available here.]

Today I’m here to talk about “what we shall do with Open Data”.… Read the rest

Che farò con gli Open Data

Quanto segue è il testo del mio intervento del 17 Ottobre 2014 agli studenti dell’Istituto Tecnico Economico Tecnologico “A.Capitini – V.Emanuele II – A.Di Cambio” di Perugia.

[To my English friends: the English translation is available here.]

Oggi siamo qui per argomentare sul tema “che farò con gli open data”.

Vorrei cominciare con analizzare queste due parole: Open e Data.

OPEN vuol dire Aperto, dal latino Apertum, participio passato di aperire (aprire).… Read the rest

Proud to be three times OSI member

Recently I had the privilege to appear in the Member Profile section of the Open Source Initiative newsletter because I am the first person to be three-time OSI member in one go. As I serve OW2 community as a director, I’m the reference contact for OSI as OW2 Associate member. As the director of Engineering Group’s Open Source Competence Center, I’m the reference contact for OSI as a corporate sponsor.… Read the rest

Orgoglioso di essere tre volte affiliato ad OSI

Ho di recente avuto l’onore di comparire nella sezione Member Profile della newsletter di Open Source Initiative perché sono il primo membro ad essere affiliato per ben tre volte! Come direttore del consorzio OW2, sono il riferimento nel ruolo di OW2 Associate member. Come direttore del Centro di Competenza Open Source di Engineering, sono affiliato come corporate sponsor. Infine, all’ultima conferenza OSCON di Portland mi sono associato come individual member.… Read the rest

Everything has a price, nothing is free

Some thoughts on the concept of value, for innovators: an example of reverse-thinking

Time ago I listened to a talk by Vito Mancuso, a famous Italian theologian, about “Io e Dio” (God and I). Quite an unusual topic for me. Nevertheless, I’ve extracted a reflection from it that, after some time, I wish to take up again here.


Roughly speaking, the explanation for this concept resides in human nature that, in comparison with other natural and biological species, can be depicted as an entity built on various layers (a classification approach similar to the one adopted in Information Technology). … Read the rest