No price, no value?

Some days ago I posted “Buy less, spend better”, highlighting one of the main benefits of adopting SpagoBI suite or, in general terms, of choosing an open source product adopting the pure open source delivery model.

Now you can argue that a product with no price has no value either. If you believe it, a short SpagoBI presentation will give you some answers.

No price doesn’t mean no value.… Read the rest

Buy less, spend better

The SpagoWorld initiative vision focuses on the sustainable development of mission-critical applications for enterprises and organizations.

It’s all about project-oriented solutions, balancing the weights in the development phase.

In other words: it’s about asking customers to buy less and spend better.

Some days ago, I had a glance at a news referencing the world’s 50 most innovative companies in 2012. My attention was attracted by Patagonia, ranking 14th, according to the following reason: “for selling more by encouraging customers to buy less”.… Read the rest

Gartner quotes SpagoBI in the 2012 MQ for BI Platforms report

Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platform, February 2012, is out.

This year major OS BI-related vendors as Actuate (BIRT), Jaspersoft, Pentaho are in; SpagoBI, the only pure OS BI product is quoted.

As the SpagoWorld initiative founder, I’m very proud to see SpagoBI suite – SpagoWorld flagship project – included in the Gartner’s report, even if it does not appear in the Magic Quadrant.

Gartner is not a recognized Open Source observer (especially from the OSS actors’ point of view) and the report refers to the whole vendors’ BI market, which are mainly proprietary.… Read the rest

Radical Open Source

I’m neither looking for a new label (ROSS or ROS, if you go beyond Open Source Software), nor proposing a new model (so far). Just to share some thoughts with you.


New business models and application models are growing (SaaS-based ones, Cloud, Mobility, Internet of Things). According to the  UK’s national innovation agency, the future internet is Converged Services “an evolving convergent internet of things and services that is available anywhere, anytime as part of an all-pervasive omnipresent socio-economic fabric, made up of converged services, shared data and an advanced wireless and fixed infrastructure linking people and machines to provide advanced services to business and citizens.”… Read the rest

What’s the path to Open Source Application Success?

Few days ago, Derek Singleton of Software Advice has published a post on his blog on the failure of open source ERP applications in gaining mainstream acceptance.

I’m not dealing with OSS ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), but I know something about OSS application acceptance (the best known example is SpagoBI, in the Open Source Business Intelligence domain).

Derek raised many questions, starting with: what OSS is in OSS applications?… Read the rest