Productivity Intelligence: bridging the gap between developers and enterprise standards

[A previous post about Productivity Intelligence and 3D analysis is here. You can also see a presentation and read the use case. This article has been posted in Eclipse Newsletter – Project Quality – September 2014.]

What Productivity Intelligence is.

Engineering Group has adopted an innovative approach within its Software Labs to measure quality in development processes. This approach is named Productivity Intelligence for two reasons.

The former is related to the meaning of “productivity”.… Read the rest

Productivity Intelligence: a 3D analysis of Technical, Economical and Social data

At academic conferences on software measurement and analysis, I feel  frustrated when I discover the software metric adopted by analysts. They tend to evaluate software development productivity using SLOC as a metric.

The reason for this is almost always the same: we need data, large amounts of data: the only available and reliable data are SLOC. Which is the correlation between SLOC and software development? The number of lines of code per day?… Read the rest

My list of next events in 2013 on open source, big data and software quality.

Here is the list of the next events in which I’m participating in 2013 with different roles: as the founder of the SpagoWorld initiative, as a division director within Engineering Group’s Innovation and Research Department or as the President of OW2 Consortium. Even if I’ll probably not attend all these events, you’ll have the opportunity to meet people working closely with me. They are great events, so I encourage you to come.… Read the rest

SOS Open Source: Save Our Souls from Open Source assessments

The inclusion of open source solutions and developments into software qualification and selection methodologies is not a new research topic. For many years different approaches have existed, including QSOS by Atos Origin, OSMM by B.Golden, OSMM by Cap Gemini, EOS by Optaros, OpenBRR, OSS Watch, IRCA by David Wheeler, ohloh recently acquired by Black Duck Software, and others. Some of them are well structured methods, others provide tools for quality evaluation or a list of metrics to be considered in an open source assessment.… Read the rest