Più di dieci anni con il software Libero e Open Source


 [Questa è la trascrizione della mia presentazione del 10 Novembre 2017 a the SFSCon ‘17. La versione in lingua inglese è qui.]


Ho percorso il sentiero dell’open source per diversi anni. Inizialmente ho scelto il software libero per passare poi all’open source, considerando sempre la libertà del software come il valore più importante. Sono stato direttore del centro di competenza open source di Engineering, dove nel 2004 ho fondato l’iniziativa SpagoWorld (probabilmente conoscete  SpagoBI, uno dei suoi principali risultati).… Read the rest

More than a decade with Free Open Source Software


[This is the transcript of my talk given on November 10th, 2017 at the SFSCon ‘17. The Italian text is available here]


I’ve been walking the open source path for a long time. I first adopted free software, and then moved to open source solutions, always looking at freedom of software as the key value. I was Open Source Director at Engineering Group, I founded the SpagoWorld initiative in 2004 (you’ll probably know SpagoBI, one of its best results), I was Director of OW2 for ten years, associate member of Eclipse, corporate sponsor of Open Source Initiative.… Read the rest

Ten years of open source with OW2

[This is the transcript of my talk given on June 26th, 2017 at the OW2con’17. It includes link to videos. The recorded video is available on the conference website.]

Let me apologize in advance, since I’m not giving a purely celebrative speech. I’ll rather try to give you some suggestions on the role of open source and OW2 in the next years.  What I have learnt over these ten years is that acting in the open source communities means looking to the future, not looking at the past.… Read the rest

Key values of Open Source Software: are they still relevant?

I’m leaving for the U.S.A. and going there as a supporter of open source software and SpagoBI, with a focus on Industry and Federal Government. Would you like to meet me? You just have a few days left to register: do it now!

Now, I’m going to advocate neither for the Open Source suite for Business Intelligence and Big Data analytics – a full SpagoBI Labs team will give you all information there – nor for OW2 community, which enforces the full open source maturity and availability of the suite.… Read the rest

The need to constantly keep in touch with your communities

Here is the list of the events in which I’m participating in the fourth quarter of 2014. If you come, I’ll be very pleased to meet you. Main reason for participation is my need to keep in touch with my communities. This means: keep updated with what’s going on, contribute as you can and, mainly, meet people and prospects, strengthen relationships, and make new friends.

The first event was inspired by an open contribution supporting educational activities.… Read the rest