Open Source Strategies for the Enterprise

Last week, during my flight to Paris, I finally had the chance to read Simon Phipps’ book entitled  Open Source Strategies for the Enterprise.

Buy it. Great value at zero price!

I read it quite fast because I already knew its main contents: in fact, the book is a rational selection of Simon’s posts that you can find in the wild webmink blog. Nothing new to me, considering that I generally agree on many of Simon’s assertions.… Read the rest

Gartner quotes SpagoBI in the 2012 MQ for BI Platforms report

Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platform, February 2012, is out.

This year major OS BI-related vendors as Actuate (BIRT), Jaspersoft, Pentaho are in; SpagoBI, the only pure OS BI product is quoted.

As the SpagoWorld initiative founder, I’m very proud to see SpagoBI suite – SpagoWorld flagship project – included in the Gartner’s report, even if it does not appear in the Magic Quadrant.

Gartner is not a recognized Open Source observer (especially from the OSS actors’ point of view) and the report refers to the whole vendors’ BI market, which are mainly proprietary.… Read the rest

Open Core and Pure Open Source

The recent OSBC Conference in San Francisco has risen again the “never-sleeping” debate about the open core model and, generally speaking, on open source business models.  Amongsts many posts, I’ve chosen Gartner Brian Prentice’s one Open-Core: The Emperor’s New Clothes. I don’t want to extend this debate. I just would like to underline some aspects, which I apply everyday, with some colleagues of mine, on the open source approach of the projects belonging to the Engineering Group’s SpagoWorld initiative.… Read the rest