Key values of Open Source Software: are they still relevant?

I’m leaving for the U.S.A. and going there as a supporter of open source software and SpagoBI, with a focus on Industry and Federal Government. Would you like to meet me? You just have a few days left to register: do it now!

Now, I’m going to advocate neither for the Open Source suite for Business Intelligence and Big Data analytics – a full SpagoBI Labs team will give you all information there – nor for OW2 community, which enforces the full open source maturity and availability of the suite.… Read the rest

My list of next events in 2013 on open source, big data and software quality.

Here is the list of the next events in which I’m participating in 2013 with different roles: as the founder of the SpagoWorld initiative, as a division director within Engineering Group’s Innovation and Research Department or as the President of OW2 Consortium. Even if I’ll probably not attend all these events, you’ll have the opportunity to meet people working closely with me. They are great events, so I encourage you to come.… Read the rest

SpagoBI Stories – Let’s start afresh

Some time ago I published a post on this blog focused on what a story is in open source.

As for SpagoBI, its stories are  mainly customers’ references.

Let’s start afresh

I’m looking for your stories now.

I’m going to write a composite SpagoBI story. I don’t know its final format yet: it depends on what you’ll provide. You can contribute in different ways: comment this post, leave your comment in SpagoBI group on Linkedin, tweet #tellyourSpagoBIstory, e-mail me.… Read the rest

What’s a Big Data platform?

Actually, I’ve no complete answer to this question. However I know that a Big Data platform should help us to address emerging and future – partially unknown – needs, as well as to start solving present issues.

First of all we need to get a clear insight into the big data context. This blog may be helpful to this purpose.

Shaku Atre sets up a framework of rules to help define a Big Data System: the Top Ten Rules of Big Data Systems.… Read the rest

Value is the most meaningful V for Big Data

How many Vs do you need to describe Big Data dimensions?

12 years ago Doug Laney listed  the 3 dimensions of Data management in a Gartner (then Meta Group) research: Volume, Variety, Velocity.

Nowadays, the evolution of Data Management also refers to Big Data. In order to describe it, Gartner added a C to the 3Vs: Volume, Variety, Velocity, Complexity.

Forrester added Variability. Is Variability like Complexity?

MkKinsey Glogal Institute added Value.… Read the rest