SpagoBI Stories – Let’s start afresh

Some time ago I published a post on this blog focused on what a story is in open source.

As for SpagoBI, its stories are  mainly customers’ references.

Let’s start afresh

I’m looking for your stories now.

I’m going to write a composite SpagoBI story. I don’t know its final format yet: it depends on what you’ll provide. You can contribute in different ways: comment this post, leave your comment in SpagoBI group on Linkedin, tweet #tellyourSpagoBIstory, e-mail me.

I will start this collaborative effort now with my personal SpagoBI story.

It’s a story of love & power.

[“Power without love is reckless and abusive, and love without power is sentimental and anemic.”  Martin Luther King Jr. ]

Love. I love SpagoBI project. Believe me: I’m the founder of SpagoWorld initiative, providing an umbrella for SpagoBI project. It’s a full open source project and I love its openness, trying to increase contacts, collaboration, opportunities in many directions. I also love its well-balanced commercial proposition that is necessary to sustain the project.

Power. I have provided the project with rules and guidance, as a SpagoWorld board member. SpagoBI is a corporate-led project, but all rules are settled to keep it entirely open source and to enlarge the community over time.

Now it’s time to empower the community, starting from collecting its stories. We have a lot to learn.

Let’s start afresh, get on board.

Tell your SpagoBI story now!

Donate a little of your time, contribute to shape the real SpagoBI story.

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