What a Story is in Open Source

Since the beginning, SpagoWorld initiative and SpagoBI project have given rise to many success stories. Moreover, SpagoBI regularly provides many stories to OW2 Consortium too, as you can see here.

Looking at SpagoWorld and SpagoBI websites, you can find a little but important update. Now they give visibility to Stories instead of Success Stories. Why this move?

Here the full play.

Act 1, Scene 1

In 2004, Vasco Rossi, an Italian rockstar, released a song “Un Senso” (in English: The Meaning) singing “ … I want to find the meaning of this story …” The song was inserted in the Italian film “Don’t move” (Italian: Non ti muovere)  by Sergio Castellitto

Act 1, Scene 2

In 2009, the Italian left party Partito Democratico adopted the following slogan “Un senso a questa storia” (in English:The meaning of this story) for its primary elections.

Act 1, Scene 3

After some years, in 2010, at Open Source Think Tank in Paris (read the full post here)  during a conversation I grabbed this sentence: “If you have to promote open source, you must tell stories to potential adopters and you must put emotion into your stories”.

I understood that we have to give evidence to the fact that behind every story, there is one or more people with their histories, made of knowledge, experience, talent and passion.

Act 2, Scene 1

In August 2011, SpagoWorld and SpagoBI websites updated the label Success Stories to Stories, since they don’t want to collect only use-cases and self-referral success stories (provided by SpagoWorld/SpagoBI team and partners), but also stories coming from adopters, contributors and enthusiast people.

Act 2, Scene 2

Some days ago (September 2011), I grabbed this piece from a speech of the Italian philosopher Umberto Galimberti : “A story is a time filled with sense” (which sometimes can be called “meaning”).


Looking for the meaning of a story is a tautology, I guess. Each story is full of meaning, it’s meaning itself! Stories tell people’s life, they are full of learning, experience, meat and blood. Stories are time filled with sense.

Communities are made up of stories of people living their lives within their communities. SpagoBI stories demonstrate it.

See SpagoBI latest story here.

At the end, if you just look at the slides and at a recorded tour, you haven’t see the story. It’s the passion of who decided to tell it, to give his time to prepare it, his passion to find the best solutions, his emotion on the stage playing it. Thank you Stefano, it’s a real SpagoBI story!

Finally, if you have a SpagoBI story and would like to tell it, please send it to us. We’ll be very glad to contact you and then publish it!

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