Key values of Open Source Software: are they still relevant?

I’m leaving for the U.S.A. and going there as a supporter of open source software and SpagoBI, with a focus on Industry and Federal Government. Would you like to meet me? You just have a few days left to register: do it now!

Now, I’m going to advocate neither for the Open Source suite for Business Intelligence and Big Data analytics – a full SpagoBI Labs team will give you all information there – nor for OW2 community, which enforces the full open source maturity and availability of the suite.… Read the rest

What shall I do with Open Data

Here below you can find the text of the speech that I gave during an expert panel on Open Data taking place on October 17th at “A. Capitini – Vittorio Emanuele II – A. di Cambio” upper secondary school located in Perugia (Italy), which education on technological, economic and touristic subjects.

[The Italian original text is available here.]

Today I’m here to talk about “what we shall do with Open Data”.… Read the rest

Che farò con gli Open Data

Quanto segue è il testo del mio intervento del 17 Ottobre 2014 agli studenti dell’Istituto Tecnico Economico Tecnologico “A.Capitini – V.Emanuele II – A.Di Cambio” di Perugia.

[To my English friends: the English translation is available here.]

Oggi siamo qui per argomentare sul tema “che farò con gli open data”.

Vorrei cominciare con analizzare queste due parole: Open e Data.

OPEN vuol dire Aperto, dal latino Apertum, participio passato di aperire (aprire).… Read the rest

Ten years of SpagoWorld

The following is the entire text of an interview – whose synthesis is in video here – given in February 2014 by Gabriele Ruffatti, director of Engineering’s Open Source Competence Centre, about the Open Source experience of Engineering, 10 years since the launch of SpagoWorld. You can find the Italian version here.

Open Source Software: is it still relevant?

Open source has just turned 16 years if we make its date of founding coincide with that of the Open Source Initiative which, in 1998, established the definition of Open Source and created the list of “approved” licences.… Read the rest

Dieci anni di SpagoWorld

Quello che segue è il testo completo di un’intervista del Febbraio 2014, la cui sintesi è apparsa in video, a Gabriele Ruffatti, direttore del Centro di Competenza Open Source di Engineering, sull’esperienza di Engineering nell’Open Source, a 10 anni dal lancio di Spago World.

Il testo dell’intervista in Inglese è qui.

Open Source Software: ancora attuale?

L’open source ha compiuto da poco 16 anni, se facciamo coincidere la sua data di fondazione con quella della Open Source Initiative che nel 1998 ha stabilito la definizione di Open Source ed ha creato la lista di licenze “approvate”.… Read the rest