Tecnologia e Cooperazione Sociale


[Quello che segue è il mio intervento di prolusione alla tavola rotonda, organizzata nell’ambito del DIGITALmeet 2018, che in collegamento in videoconferenza tra Padova e Perugia, ha dibattuto il tema “La persona al centro nella sfida dell’umanesimo digitale”, sulla base del lavoro svolto negli ultimi anni nella collaborazione tra Prefetture e Cooperazione Sociale. E’ stata per me l’occasione di riprendere alcuni temi su cui ho argomentato di recente, inserendoli in questa particolare chiave di lettura.… Read the rest

An open platform for digital economy

Some days ago I had the opportunity to give a lesson at ALMA Graduate School in Bologna (Italy), within the Master in Business Administration of the Information Systems course by prof. Danilo Montesi. It’s an annual appointment for me, in which I’m honoured to participate as a testimonial.

This is a real opportunity to launch new messages, encourage new ideas, and keep in touch with the next generation of managers and entrepreneurs.… Read the rest

Radical Openness

Next Ted Global 2012 is going to address Radical Openness. They say: “The world is becoming increasingly interconnected and open. Radically open — manifesting itself in open borders, open culture, open-source, open data, open science, open world, open minds. With the loss of privacy that it implies, openness carries its own dangers. But it breeds transparency, authenticity, creativity and collaboration.”

I think that now it’s the right time to collect some ideas, effective suggestions and to move a step forward!… Read the rest

Which relationship between enterprises and the free software community?

Finally, the paper supporting my speech at the 5th Italian Conference on Free Software, June 2011,  is available.

It includes many quotes coming from the Community track of fOSSa Conference 2010 – by the way, stay tuned with fOSSa 2011: registration will open soon! – and from the Open World Forum Paris, 2010 – come to Paris this week to hear the novelties at OWF 2011

The paper goes further on with some reflections about communities that I made in a previous post.… Read the rest

Communities, networks and open source

Let’s see the difference between the concepts of community and network.

This text is partially included in a paper that I wrote on the relationship between enterprises and the free software community.

Both communities and networks have to do with the identification process aiming to give everybody a place in the society. However, they work in two completely different ways: communities follow individuals, while networks are ever-evolving aggregation entities rising from people’s continuous connections and disconnections to/from the network itself.… Read the rest