What’s the path to Open Source Application Success?

Few days ago, Derek Singleton of Software Advice has published a post on his blog on the failure of open source ERP applications in gaining mainstream acceptance.

I’m not dealing with OSS ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), but I know something about OSS application acceptance (the best known example is SpagoBI, in the Open Source Business Intelligence domain).

Derek raised many questions, starting with: what OSS is in OSS applications?… Read the rest

Pure Open Source and Ecology of Value – Part II: the right approach

In my previous post Pure Open Source and Ecology of Value Part I: A new strategy: the ecological approach to the value I said that the new strategy hasn’t been planned a priori but it derives from the analysis of its results, growth and adaptation over time.

Now, it’s time to talk over the right approach.

I think we don’t need to reinvent the wheel, but to re-use what already exists.… Read the rest