Open Source Strategies for the Enterprise

Last week, during my flight to Paris, I finally had the chance to read Simon Phipps’ book entitled  Open Source Strategies for the Enterprise.

Buy it. Great value at zero price!

I read it quite fast because I already knew its main contents: in fact, the book is a rational selection of Simon’s posts that you can find in the wild webmink blog. Nothing new to me, considering that I generally agree on many of Simon’s assertions.

In particular, I love the following :

  • identification of different layers of community, pointing out that a community is not an “indistinct term”
  • insight into the relations acting inside communities and the synchronization of interest of many parties as the driving force of a community
  • reflection on “where values come from open source” and his final word on the open core business model
  • final conclusion: “your best community collaboration strategy is to trade control for influence”.

It’s a nice and interesting reading for new open source adopters and for those who want to understand the open source internal and external dynamics.

I recommend you this reading!

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