Radical Open Source

I’m neither looking for a new label (ROSS or ROS, if you go beyond Open Source Software), nor proposing a new model (so far). Just to share some thoughts with you.


New business models and application models are growing (SaaS-based ones, Cloud, Mobility, Internet of Things). According to the  UK’s national innovation agency, the future internet is Converged Services “an evolving convergent internet of things and services that is available anywhere, anytime as part of an all-pervasive omnipresent socio-economic fabric, made up of converged services, shared data and an advanced wireless and fixed infrastructure linking people and machines to provide advanced services to business and citizens.”… Read the rest

Open Source Communities and Contributor Agreement: it’s all about Trust

Recently I’ve noticed a debate about Open Source Communities and Contributor Agreements.

Simon Phipps, in his post, says that “Contributor agreements that aggregate the copyrights of open source code in favour of a single corporate sponsor are a sure sign of a community where one member has more rights than the rest. And equality is the key to success.”

This is a nice opportunity for me to clarify my position about this topic and SpagoWorld contribution policy.… Read the rest