A glossary for ecology of value

When I deal with ecology of value, I use some terms that may appear a little dark, such as software lock-in, vendor lock-in, pure open source business/delivery model, project (and product) centric business model, customer satisfaction, community participation and more.

Providing you with a real glossary would be a demanding effort, probably returning uncertain results: any new definition is tricky and may open unfocused debates, and some sentences may look as words for a dream book.

Therefore, I’ll give you real examples, which will help me to hit the mark.

Here you can find a section dedicated to the general FAQs on SpagoBI suite, pointing out the meaning of many of the above-mentioned terms, according to this project. Have a nice reading!

This may be a good provision for your journey towards a full adoption of the ecology of value.

Last but not least, send us your feedback, provide us with new samples, add your own story!

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