Ecology of Value

This is my firts post in this blog, so I want to introduce you in the “Ecology of Value” business model. It’s a model that could build a real ecosystem with many different businesses inside, granting sustainability in time because the benefits are not only for one company, but also for other users, integrators, vendors and researchers, inside an open network. It’s the model I’m adopting in the SpagoWorld initiative by Engineering. It’s working sometime, but I know it’s not the most appealing model in the market, mainly because people prefer a very commercial solution they must buy or resell with a clear price list (instead of buying only the support if they like to do it). Could the ecology of value model work in this old economy? Do we need to redirect business imagination and not only technological innovation? I don’t have a firm answer, but open source is the right place for ecology of value: it’s the place of richness, not of scanty resources, also in business models, luckily. Of course, you must value qualitative returns as much as quantitative (monetary) ones.

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