OW2 at Solutions Linux 2010

I’m back from Paris where I attended Solutions Linux exhibition and OW2 events last week. Very important to be there because it is the right place in Europe to meet OS, to network with people and follow-up previous contacts. Not so much novelties, but friends and improvement for everyone. About OW2, I was a little skeptical when I planned to go, because last year was a challenging period for the Consortium aiming to be a vibrant community and a living business ecosystem. I attended all OW2 main events (BoD, Village, Cocktail, Conference:  good attendance – specially at the Conference, nice new and already known people, good network and interesting talks.  Now I can testify of an half-full glass: the challenge still exists, but happy 2010 OW2! If more people works to build a community, and not only software and marketing (very important as well) we could be a real vibrant and open ecosystem.

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