Open Core and Pure Open Source

The recent OSBC Conference in San Francisco has risen again the “never-sleeping” debate about the open core model and, generally speaking, on open source business models.  Amongsts many posts, I’ve chosen Gartner Brian Prentice’s one Open-Core: The Emperor’s New Clothes. I don’t want to extend this debate. I just would like to underline some aspects, which I apply everyday, with some colleagues of mine, on the open source approach of the projects belonging to the Engineering Group’s SpagoWorld initiative.… Read the rest

OW2 at Solutions Linux 2010

I’m back from Paris where I attended Solutions Linux exhibition and OW2 events last week. Very important to be there because it is the right place in Europe to meet OS, to network with people and follow-up previous contacts. Not so much novelties, but friends and improvement for everyone. About OW2, I was a little skeptical when I planned to go, because last year was a challenging period for the Consortium aiming to be a vibrant community and a living business ecosystem.… Read the rest

Ecology of Value

This is my firts post in this blog, so I want to introduce you in the “Ecology of Value” business model. It’s a model that could build a real ecosystem with many different businesses inside, granting sustainability in time because the benefits are not only for one company, but also for other users, integrators, vendors and researchers, inside an open network. It’s the model I’m adopting in the SpagoWorld initiative by Engineering.… Read the rest