Pure Open Source and Ecology of Value – Part II: keyfactor #1 – the organizational context

In my previous post Pure Open Source and Ecology of Value Part II: the right approach, my conclusion focused on four key-factors. The first one is the organizational context.

(I started this discussion with Pure Open Source and Ecology of Value Part I: A new strategy: the ecological approach to the value)

Who is willing to foster successful open initiatives must act feeding the environment with the right ingredients, managing people, practices, internal and external incentives, in order to help the entire system to learn how to feed itself.

Five are the main practices, in order to:

  • invest in people, balancing their talents, creativity, asking them for discipline and results
  • set-up a flat organization, based on a professional team, where any single result is a team result, contributing to the collective growth
  • look for a comprehensive vision, managing complexity through a multi-disciplinary approach that will be more and more necessary in the upcoming knowledge- and service-based economy
  • circulate information, share knowledge, in order to gain unexpected results: openness, mutual support, trustworthiness and gratuity, which must be the usual working practices
  • be open minded, in order to live the present, to know what’s emerging and to anticipate the future
  • be adaptable and create/manage an adaptable environment
  • create value, balancing non-quantitative results with monetary returns.

Book of dreams? No, these are the lessons I have learned!

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